Parents for Ballot Measure 2

“I’m voting yes on Ballot Measure 2 because marijuana prohibition has failed miserably at preventing teen access to marijuana. As a parent and a high school teacher, I know that young people in this state can obtain marijuana more easily than regulated substances like alcohol and tobacco, and that’s because illegal dealers don’t pay taxes and they don’t ask for ID. This initiative regulates and controls the sale of marijuana, which is what we need.” – Kim Kole, High School Teacher, Anchorage

Why should parents support regulating marijuana like alcohol?

  • Teen use in Colorado has DECREASED since the state began taxing and regulating marijuana. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment found in an August survey that less high school students used marijuana following the implementation of their medical marijuana law, and that the decline continued after the passage of their initiative to regulate marijuana for adult use in the state.

  •  Marijuana prohibition has failed miserably at keeping marijuana out of the hands of teens. For decades, more than 80% of high school seniors have reported that marijuana is “very easy” or “fairly easy” to obtain. If the goal of our current prohibition policy is to keep marijuana out of the hands of young people, yet more than 80% can get it easily, that is a sign that the policy has failed. It’s time for a new approach.
  • By forcing marijuana into an underground market, we are guaranteeing that sales will be entirely uncontrolled. Illegal marijuana dealers do not ask for ID, they sell a product that is unregulated and possibly impure, and they might expose consumers to other more harmful drugs. In a regulated market, businesses would be required to ask customers for proof of age, and they would face severe penalties for selling marijuana to minors.
  • Strictly regulating alcohol and tobacco products and restricting sales to minors have produced significant decreases in use and availability among teens. The rate of teen marijuana use has generally remained steady over the past several years, whereas levels of alcohol and cigarette use have decreased. Over the past several years, cigarette use and availability among teens, which had been sharply increasing in the early 1990s, began steadily declining shortly after the 1995 implementation of the “We Card” program, a renewed commitment to strictly restricting the sale of tobacco to young people, along with a focused effort on public education. Ultimately, we were able to dramatically reduce teen tobacco use without arresting any adults for using tobacco.

“Parents for Ballot Measure 2” Coalition Leadership

Kim Kole, Anchorage
Alex Gimarc, Anchorage
Francesca Sosa, Anchorage
Rachel Bulle, Anchorage
Montana Ware, Anchorage
Hannah Ware, Anchorage
Fred Dewey, Anchorage
Jeanne Devon, Anchorage
Elstun Laueusen, Anchorage
Colin Koenig, Anchorage
Randi Francis, Anchorage
Shawn Francis, Anchorage
Lloyd Leavitt, Barrow
Levi Ben-Israel, Fairbanks
Karen Ben-Israel, Fairbanks
Sean Bledsoe, Fairbanks
Angel Wing, Fairbanks
Jim McDermott, Fairbanks
Dr. Kelly Drew, Fairbanks
Jessie Kiehl, Juneau
Ken Alper, Juneau
Steve Handy, Juneau
Kyle Johansen, Ketchikan
Amanda Mitchell, Ketchikan
Shawn Dochtermann, Kodiak
Kathy Jounson, Houston
Annette Farrington, Wasilla
Sharen Rockefeller, Wasilla
Andrew Jansen, Eagle River
Dollynda Phelps, Kenai
Kristine Harder, Haines
Jill Williams, Anchorage
Katrina Chambon, Anchorage
Shannon Koenig, Anchorage
Jessica Kuzakin, Anchorage
Elizabeth Brandt, Anchorage
Keith Forbush II, Wasilla
Jess Gondek, Valdez
Andrea Fish, Fairbanks
Keith Searles, Wasilla
Caleb Saunders, Wasilla
James Weis, Sitka
George Huling, Anchorage
Felisha Rocha, Fairbanks
Fay Herold, Anchorage
Kari Bailey, Anchorage
S. Bright, Anchorage
Christopher Lapp, Anchorage
James Miller, Anchorage
Alison Rein, Girdwood
Justin Billing, Big Lake
Alexandria Nyholm, Anchorage
Gregory Gilbert, Wasilla
Kathryn Grediagin, Anchorage
David Guinn, Chugiak
Leone Harris, Wasilla
John Gorsuch, Anchorage
Diana Hurn, Homer
Shaun Tacke, Fairbanks
Joy Scott, Anchorage
Susan Hannula, Anchorage
Brandon Tucker, Wasilla
Nick Hofmeister, Anchorage
Cyri Thompson, Unalaska
Kayla Keener, Anchorage
Carolyn Clift, Anchorage
Scott Mayfield, Anchorage
Charlotte and Jim Jewell, Skagway
Chad Bristow, Anchorage
Deborah Trimmer, Anchorage
Jessica Jansen, Eagle River
Amber Michael, Anchorage
Jeff Phelps, Kenai
Suzan Labby, Palmer
Tom McBrien, Juneau
Angela Goodhope, Juneau
James Barrett, Juneau

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